Don't worry, be happy

Tulkinghorn could not help but admire the good-humoured, easygoing nature of his Dutch counterparts when he received an email last week from none other than Linklaters' runaway bride De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.
Remember how the Dutch partners voted in their droves against merging with scary old Linklaters last month? Well, apparently the firm is now preparing a momento of the experience – an internal bulletin with all the reactions about the ending of the merger talks with Linklaters.
According to the sender of the email, the firm would be “very happy” if it could publish The Lawyer's articles 'Linklaters and De Brauw break off merger talks' and 'De Brauw's wholesale rejection of Linklaters stuns Dutch market' in the bulletin. Crediting the source, of course.
If a little shocked, Tulkinghorn was only too flattered and happy to oblige. He was then left to ponder whether his Dutch pals could give us all a lesson on how to lighten up when it comes to the trials and tribulations of mergers that do and mergers that don't.