Blasts from the past

Barely a day goes by without Tulkinghorn hearing of some new fangled marketing initiative to be rolled out of one of the City firms' marketing departments.
Herbert Smith's latest idea is to re-enact World War I. Tulkinghorn has heard rumours of mustard gas being brewed in the kitchens and bayonets being sharpened in the client meeting rooms. The reason? Herbert Smith is teaming up with the Stock Exchange to mount a joint production of two World War I plays. Presumably it is felt that instructing Herbies' litigation department is akin to going over the top. And Tulkinghorn knows that the casualties certainly mount up when Herbies is instructed.
For those interested in being an eyewitnesses to Journey's End and Accrington Pals, the double bill is on at Stratford Circus Theatre, London E15, Tuesday 14 May to Saturday 18 May (box office: 020 8279 1000; email
Tulkinghorn would be pleased to hear from any survivors.