Mercury says enhanced software will reduce slip-ups

Mercury Computing has added new functions to its workflow management software, InControl Legal, that are designed to appeal to City and commercial practices.

InControl Legal is an information management system designed to help solicitors manage their workloads and simplify quality assurance and legal aid franchise requirements. The system is compatible with most software packages and can be tailored to an individual practice's requirements.

The new updates include greater task prioritisation, simplified data entry and a summary view of a topic's status.

The company claims the system can help firms reduce the risk of professional negligence claims against them – particularly in the light of recent changes to the solicitors' indemnity rules.

Alby Smith, commercial director of Mercury Computing, said: "This is not scaremongering – this is sound commercial sense. From now on, missed key dates or critical functions will impact not only on a practice or individual's goodwill and reputation, it will bite a hefty piece out of that hard-earned profit.

"I believe that the result is an exceptionally flexible, practical product the market will welcome, especially if you are involved in commercial property instructions."