Separated at birth

Ever since Phoenix Nights ended, one of its stars, nightclub bouncer Max (with his best mate Paddy) has been searching for new adventures. Now, after months on the open road in their beautiful mobile home, Max appears to have ended up in about as far-flung a location as is possible. Obviously going under a nom de plume to avoid Bolton-related repercussions (it’s where Phoenix Nights was based, in case you wondered), Max (or ‘Ian De Witt’, as he is now known), can be found standing on the door of six-partner Tanner De Witt.

own umbrella to show “the superior quality of the handle”. (Pykett redeeming himself in the process.)

Tulkinghorn also feels duty-bound to bring up Bevan Brittan chief executive Stuart Whitfield, if only to convince the man that his worst suspicions about journalists keeping secrets are correct. The sporty lawyer was playing down a recent ski accident involving a rock. “I’m fine,” he claimed. “I’ve been running three times since I got back.” There’s no word on how the rock is doing.