Communication overload

Wow. We knew it was busy out there, but Maclay Murray & Spens must really be rocking.

One of Tulkinghorn’s scribes put in a call to the firm’s director of communications early last week only to be told that he was “too busy” to talk until Thursday. Astounding.

So Tulkinghorn checked. Or rather, he would have, but by 6pm nobody at the firm was answering the phone. Maybe they were all discussing strategy down the pub.

and senior partner Bob Smyth out for dinner. However, the PR bod was left red-faced when the restaurant rejected his personal credit card. Luckily Pykett’s corporate card saved the day, proving that the firm in no way needs an injection of cash.

Clarke Willmott director of communications Julie Lake must be doing better, though. She gave the journo a lift in her rather zippy sports car. Obviously a bit too zippy, though, as Lake has had it fitted out with a gadget that bleeps when there are any speed cameras in the vicinity. Good forward planning, obviously – perhaps Lake could have a little chat with Pykett?
Tulkinghorn’s scribe doffed the titfer to the managing partner who described the now-divorced Bevan Ashford as “a marriage never consummated”, and could only smile at the umbrella wars that broke out in the South West after she was given one by Bevan Brittan (an umbrella, that is), only for Burges Salmon to bring out its