It’s been a bad week for…

DTI plans for new mobile phone services after BT announced that it was considering legal action to delay the Government’s plans to action new licences. The telecoms giant is upset that two of its rivals – Vodafone AirTouch and Orange – have qualified to bid for the licences even though Orange is now owned by Vodafone after the company’s takeover of Orange’s owner Mannesmann.

Sir William Shelton (above). The former parliamentary private secretary to Baroness Thatcher has been banned from serving as a company director for five years after he was found to have engaged in “unfit conduct” when on the board of legal advice company Access to Justice. The High Court found that Shelton, Access director Lord Moyne and two others had allowed David Duncan Mahady to act as an Access director while disqualified and also allowed the company to trade when in danger of insolvency.

Senior prosecution barristers in rape trials who have been accused of attempting to portray women complainants as “sluts”. A study from Sussex University found that QCs routinely demand that a woman’s sexual history and dress be considered. “The principal strategy is to undermine the woman’s personality,” the report says.