Case of the week

Well, he finally stopped being ‘minded’ and made a decision. Jack Straw at last got rid of an 84-year-old with ‘extensive brain damage’ who had been haunting him for 16 months. Deciding that an ‘attempted trial of an accused in the condition diagnosed in Senator Pinochet could not be a fair trial in any country’, the Home Secretary gave the go-ahead for the former dictator to slip out of his Wentworth estate and head for his plane which was on standby at RAF Brize Norton but moved to RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire to await Pinochet’s convoy. Straw had considered criticisms of the medical report on Pinochet from Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and France but decided he was only fit to fly west. It is not known if Pinochet has the same prognosis as former Guinness chief Ernest Saunders.