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What does the future hold for cybersecurity?

With any security policy now and in the future, leaders need to remember the fundamentals of what they are trying to achieve. Everyone wants their business to do well and be successful, and that means protecting data, while keeping business critical systems up and running efficiently. Already today, we’re putting a focus on security – and have seen new compliance laws in relation to that. Requiring compliance with regulation is just one way of trying to force the market to adopt minimum acceptable standards. But this is just that – the minimum – and every business leader needs to aim higher than that level.

Financial services investigations and enforcement monthly round up

A round-up of recent enforcement actions and investigations in the financial services sector. This month in summary: FCA publishes Decision Notice against Corrado Abbattista for market manipulation ICO fines company £130,000 for unauthorised pensions cold calls FCA publicly censures former Worldspreads CEO for market misconduct FCA scraps half its criminal probes into money-laundering breaches   FCA publishes Decision Notice against Corrado Abbattista for market manipulation.

Webinar: Thrive in complexity with intelligent case research tools

Accurate and comprehensive case research is a challenge shared across the legal profession. As printed law reports have given way to digital resources and ever more information is available online, how have the dynamics of common law research evolved, and how do practitioners approach this crucial work in the information age?


Biddle & Co.

Bill Dixon , a partner at Biddle & Co., asks how reliable is memory in witness testimony A great deal of psychological research is now available on both human memory in general and witness testimony in particular. The dramatic effect of leading questions, for example, has been documented. A US researcher Elizabeth Loftus, showed film […]

CJD. Height without harm – a tall order

In 1984, Alison Lay, a 22-year-old bank typist from Winchester, Hampshire, began staggering for no apparent reason. Her health declined rapidly until she was unable to talk or respond in any way and she died 11 months later. A post-mortem revealed her brain was pitted with tiny, spongy holes unlike those seen in any other […]

Are you really being served?

Over the past five years, we have examined the bank statements of more than 70 solicitors and small businesses, and have saved them over £1 million. These savings come from three main sources. First, the contract with the bank, usually in the form of an arrangement letter, is often ignored. Unless the law firm has […]

Law directory update

Martindale Hubbells’ CD-ROM version of its international law directory is to be launched this autumn in Windows format.

Race event pulls top US attorneys

THE DEFENCE lawyers who acted for OJ Simpson and Rodney King are to speak at a major London conference on black people in the criminal justice system. Johnnie Cochran and Milton Grimes have accepted invitations to speak at next month’s ‘Race for Justice’ conference. Cochran, head defence attorney for Simpson, and Grimes, who acted for […]

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