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SRA provides some breathing space for law firms struggling to obtain PI cover

By Zarina Lawley The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) recently published a useful Q&A article on their website which we recommend all law firms take the time to read. It summarises some of the most common queries the SRA has received from solicitors about their rules and the potential impact of Coronavirus. The article discusses professional […]

New transparency measures in the public procurement field

1. Background Despite the constant update of the public procurement legal framework, the Romanian authorities have signalled several issues related to the public procurement contracts granted to certain companies, in circumstances which are not able to comply, in all cases, with the general principles of transparency and equal treatment. Thus, in order to ensure the […]

Montenegro: Insight into the New Companies Act

The new Montenegrin Companies Act which entered into force on 11 July 2020, is an innovative and thoroughgoing codification of Montenegrin Corporate Law. The legislator opted for a comprehensive legal instrument which, compared to the previous law, contains more detailed and exhaustive rules determining the establishment, management, restructuring, termination and functioning of business entities.

Coronavirus Digest no. 2: Patents and other intellectual property rights

Second volume of the Digest prepared by PLMJ and Inventa International on the crossover between the area of intellectual property and the challenges of COVID-19, especially regarding patents and utility models, as well as all the information on the path to obtaining a vaccine.


Disclosure reform 'threatens equality'

THE GOVERNMENT’S disclosure reform plans would probably infringe the European Convention on Human Rights if enacted, the campaign group Justice has warned. In its response to Home Secretary Michael Howard’s consultation paper on disclosure, the group attacks what it sees as a distinct prosecution bias. And it says plans to limit disclosure by the prosecutor […]

Be nice to the banks

Pity the poor banker. In the game of life he aspired to be a player, maybe even the scorer. Instead, all does is provide the kit. If this wasn’t bad enough, he incurs everyone’s wrath whenever he wants his ball back. I like banks and bankers. They are always nice to me and, as a […]

Nuclear protest

The Law Council of Australia has issued a statement condemning the French government for its programme of nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean and calling on the country to cease testing until a determination is handed down by the International Court of Justice. The council, which made its statement with the support of the 22 […]

Fisher Meredith shows its wares on the buses

Solicitor Eileen Pembridge’s firm, Fisher Meredith, has launched an advert- ising campaign on buses for its twentieth anniversary. “Twenty years of serving the community,” says the advert for the London legal aid firm which is being carried on buses running up and down 11 bus routes. Pembridge, senior partner at the firm and unsuccessful Law […]


Courting clients

AT LEAST one High Court judge has condemned the practice, a Queen’s Counsel has spoken out against it, and now the Legal Services Ombudsman has called for action. But still the Law Society refuses to ban its members from sleeping with clients. Unlike doctors who are governed by strict ethical rules, solicitors in England and […]

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