Tench takes Lovells into lobby work

FORMER Consumers' Association director of legal affairs, David Tench, is leading the lobbying revolution at City firm Lovell White & Durrant.

Lovells partner Michael Hutchings, who specialises in competition regulation, recruited Tench at the end of October in preparation for the firm's launch of its political lobbying service last week.

Hutchings had experienced lobbying first-hand during his four-year tenure at the firm's Brussels office, where it was an integral part of business.

With the increasing impact of European Union law he sees lobbying as a service to clients as a logical move to supplement legal services.

Veteran consumer campaigner Tench says that he prefers the term 'political advocacy' to the word lobbying, and he considers the legal profession to be natural 'political advocates'.

He says the growth of regulatory law in Europe means lawyers should follow the example of firms in Brussels and Washington and become involved in offering political advocacy services to their clients in their dealings with the regulatory bodies.

He says that “regulatory systems which do not naturally lend themselves to having recourse to the courts for the resolution of disputes are still very much lawyers' territory”.