Litigation Writs 06/09/94

A firm of Birmingham estate agents which fell victim to an alleged cheque fraud when one of its bookkeepers made out cheques for hundreds of thousands of pounds to herself, are suing Barclays Bank and the Midland Bank claiming they should never have honoured the forgeries.

Steven Champion & Slater of Birmingham, seek repayment of money paid out by the banks to a former bookkeeper, Dinah Taylor.

It is alleged that between 16 September 1991 and 15 February 15 1993, 47 forged cheques were paid out by the Midland totalling u200,720 and between 22 February and 25 March last year, four forged cheques totalling u388,000 were paid out by Barclays. But they queried a fifth cheque for u289,000 and it was stopped.

The banks are being sued for the return of the money.

Writ issued by Berrymans, London EC2. S1791

Undergraduate Maxine Weiner, seriously injured when a car in which she was a passenger crashed in France, has launched a claim for over u50,000 against driver Julia Burns.

Her writ claims the car she was in crossed a central road marking and collided with two cars travelling in the opposite direction.

Weiner, who had been studying to become a barrister or solicitor, suffered head, leg, arm and eye injuries and was trapped in the car for over an hour in acute pain.

She then spent 15 days in hospital in France before returning to hospital in Britain. She underwent two operations. Since accident she has given up her ambition to practise law.

Writ issued by Nicholson Graham & Jones, London EC2. W913.

Thames Valley Police Authority is being sued for more than u50,000 by the executors of John Reginald Hobbs.

Damages are claimed for personal injuries and losses sustained by Hobbs, which it is alleged were caused by police negligence at Slough police station on 5 August 1991.

Writ issued by Everatts, Harrow. E703

West Midlands Regional Health Authority is being sued by administrators of the estate of a woman said to have died almost a year after receiving brain damage as an NHS pat-ient at the Good Hope General Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, on 8 August 1991.

Writ issued by Wiseman Lee, East Ham, London. C1853