Law students fail on free Gazette bid

THE LAW Society's refusal to distribute its weekly journal The Gazette to upcoming members of the profession has been described as a “slap in the face” to students.

And Trainee Solicitor's Group (TSG) chair Richard Moorhead says the decision not to resume distribution has dismayed the group, which had viewed the magazine as an important resource for entrants to the profession.

In a recent submission to the society's strategy committee, the TSG said The Gazette provided career information and helped students maintain links with the profession.

But the committee says the decision to limit distribution, made following budget cuts at Chancery Lane three years ago, would stand.

TSG publicity officer Katie Paxton, who recently started articles at City practice Tarlo Lyons, says the group will write to each member of the society's council to complain about the situation.

“Obviously jobs are fairly hard to come by now and the magazine is a way of enabling firms to communicate with students and for students to find out what's happening,” says Paxton.

“This decision leaves responsibility fully with the students. A lot of colleges do get copies of the magazine, but it is a case of seeking them out, and that's not always as easy as it might sound.”