IBA spawns sets of international twins

THE International Bar Association (IBA) has successfully twinned the Norwegian Bar Association with the Mongolian Supreme Court.

The association's third world liaison committee chair, Alf Skogly, won Norwegian government sponsorship for a trip to Mongolia to see Chief Justice Dembereltseren and other senior lawyers there.

The Norwegians were accompanied by IBA representatives. As a result, a twinning agreement was signed, but has still to be ratified by the Norwegian foreign office.

The agreement amounts to more than just handshakes and smiles. The supreme court will receive u20,000 as a grant for office equipment.

The money will also finance a quarterly periodical containing legal reports and decisions.

The move follows a long-standing association between Norwegian lawyers and the Nepal Bar, which began in 1989.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Bar Association has twinned with the All China Lawyers' Association.

A visit by Canadian lawyers to Beijing has resulted in official aid for the Chinese association from the Canadian government through the Canadian International Development Agency.

The IBA helped in this arrangement and is also assisting Bars in Nicaragua and Bangladesh, who have requested aid.

Nicaraguan lawyers want help for the development of a national legal journal and training and Bangladeshis need support for legal libraries. The IBA conference next month will discuss aid for third world bars.