The Lawyer: new look for the millennium

THIS week The Lawyer has a new look as it continues to build upon its status as “The newspaper for the legal profession”.

An expanded two-page City section and a new comment and analysis spread with regular columns from leading legal figures are among the changes which have been introduced.

The international page has been moved to the back page and our regular analysis is now in the Comment and Analysis section. Page two now contains a new listings directory.

Readers will also notice an expansion of the paper's features sections as we continue to break the news that matters.

This week, we profile Lincoln Crawford, the first black chair of the Bar Council's race relations committee (page 15), analyse the high street's battle to hold on to its conveyancing work (page 17) and revisit Hong Kong a year after the handover (page 19-20).

Cherie Booth QC calls for a Europe-wide initiative to boost the fortunes of women lawyers (page 17), Social Security Minister John Denham MP explains the Government's pension-splitting proposals (page 17) and former Law Society president Tony Holland calls for an end to self-regulation (page 9).