Simkins consultant aids DTI

Nic Garnett to advise on digital rights management programme

Nic Garnett, consultant with The Simkins Partnership, has scooped a six month, part-time contract with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to provide advice on the development of its digital rights management (DRM) programme.

The DTI is examining how DRM technologies can facilitate growth of digital content markets, and how it can support the effective development and deployment of different DRM solutions.

“I hope to contribute significantly to both public and private sector initiatives in a field which is rapidly coming to be seen as critical to the future of digital content markets,” Garnett said on his appointment.

Garnett was previously a senior vice president with InterTrust Technologies, a leading inventor of DRM technologies in Silicon Valley, and was also previously CEO of IFPI, the recording industry’s international trade body.

Garnett will, at the same time, continue as a consultant at the firm, advising on technology and rights protection issues.