Court of Appeal's outstanding case numbers hit record low in 2001-02

Figures released by the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal indicate that the court has fewer outstanding appeals than at any other time in the court's modern history

The court's review of the legal year 2001-02 shows that there are just 703 appeals outstanding and more appeals were heard this year than last. The report concedes that fewer appeals were filed this year, but claims that this is counterbalanced by the complexity of the issues raised.
Further figures demonstrate that three out of four applications for permission to appeal are dealt with within four months of filing and 88 per cent are disposed of within three months. At appeal stage, just 10 per cent of appeals are not dealt with within a year of filing and this figure includes adjourned cases, those stood out by judicial direction and those sent to the European Court of Justice.
The report singles out two cases on costs and conditional fee agreements as particularly important. Callery v Gray covered premiums paid for after the event test case insurance policies and their recoverability in test cases. The court ruled that it was within the case management powers of the costs judge to determine this issue. In Halloran v Delaney, the court gave further guidance on the recovery of success fees in Part 8 costs only proceedings.