Christmas madness

Tulkinghorn is not one to complain about receiving cards or gifts at Christmas time, but he does have to draw the reader's attention to a couple of pieces of Christmas correspondence he received.
The first, from BLP, came in the form of a letter. The firm has chosen not to send Christmas cards this year, it read, instead donating money to the Matthew Trust – something which Tulkinghorn thoroughly applauds. But it was the next sentence that stumped him. It read: “However, we couldn't see you go without, so we enclose our latest deal review giving some brief details of transactions we have completed in the recent months.” A deal review – that's got to take the mouldy Christmas cake for the worst Christmas gift yet.
The strangest gift, however, came from Lewis Silkin: an ice cube tray in which the cubes form the words 'JUST ICE'. Obviously Tulkinghorn and his hacks are always appreciative of drinking-related products, so the present itself went down quite well – it was just the back of the box that it came packed in that surprised him. It read: 'Transient. Fragile. Frozen in time.' Is that what the marketing department thinks of the firm?