Alternative rock

Howard Kennedy partners knew they were in for a cultural overhaul when they appointed the firm’s first non-lawyer chief executive Mark Dembovsky.

Howard Kennedy: rockin’ all  over the world
Howard Kennedy: rockin’ all over the world

They never dared to dream that he would reward them for this with anything other than old-fashioned cash. Yet that is precisely what he did.

When the firm converted to an LLP the partners arrived at work to find a muffin on their desk bearing the LLP brand.

Then last month, still in the depths of winter, the firm held its first-ever AGM.

And what did Howard Kennedy partners get for attending? Why, a lovely summery stick of rock.

Next time they should just pop to the seaside and be done with it.

Guinea growl

Ah, the perils of a merger. Tulkinghorn understands that partners at Ashurst, which is in a potentially pre-merger courtship with Australian firm Blake Dawson, are now warning associates that if they don’t behave they’ll be sent to Papua New Guinea.

Makes a change from Coventry.

Cover band

The god of rock ’n’ roll is alive and well and working at SJ Berwin. When Tulkinghorn says ’working’, he actually means crooning. For word reaches The Lawyer that the star of the firm’s Christmas party was insurance partner Jeremy Goldring, who led the in-house band at the bash Its name? Funds Loves Criminals. Naturally.

New Year’s nightmare

More festive season-related jollity – and yes, Tulkinghorn can confirm that it will be the last for this year. But this one is simply too good to pass over.
A hangover and his feet up in front of the telly is not the way Clifford Chance partner Simon Gleeson chose to spend his New Year’s Day. Instead, the finance specialist took his horse for a spin.

Unfortunately, the nag’s preferred method of celebrating the coming 12 months was to fall on top of the esteemed lawyer. Cue the slightly embarrassing scenario of Gleeson popping up – in full hunting kit – at the local chocka A&E full of the great unwashed sporting their usual cuts and bruises.

Tally ho.

Morning glory

Last week’s big news was not that Russell Jones & Walker (RJW) is being bought by Aussie personal injury machine Slater & Gordon. It was that RJW’s PR man in-chief Andy Hoe made it back from his weekend stag do at 2.30am, just in time to make it into the office for the announcement of the deal.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s style.