Roschier Holmberg back at top in Finland

Roschier Holmberg has just regained its leadership of the Finnish market after revealing an 18 per cent rise in turnover from €25.5m (£16.6m) to €30.1m (£20.8m).

It was a good year for Finnish firms. Roschier’s nearest rival Hannes Snellman boosted turnover by 13.6 per cent from €25.8m (£17.8m) to €29.3m (£20.3m).

Roschier attributed its strong results to the benefits gained since the May launch of its RoschierRaidla Baltic alliance with firms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The firm claimed that referrals from its partner firms Lejins Torgans & Vonsovics of Latvia, Norcous & Partners of Lithuania and Raidla & Partners of Estonia have increased by 100 per cent.

Hannes Snellman’s turnover sneaked ahead of its rival for the first time last year. Managing partner Antti Heikinheimo, who steps down next year, predicted further growth of 10 to 15 per cent next year. “We have a clear strategy that we’re developing on a long-term basis. We’re concentrating on what we do best: transactions, dispute resolution, finance and technology,” said Heikinheimo.