A reel awards ceremony

The awards season got off to a flying start last week with the great and the good flocking to the glitziest, glammest event of the year. Yes, the British Independent Film Awards were held at London’s Hammersmith Palais on Tuesday (30 November). Tulkinghorn was kindly invited down by outgoing Osborne Clarke film finance legend Phil Alberstat to witness the debauchery that only film stars do so well.

Being independent, you were more likely to bump into an ex-So Solid Crew member just out of jail than Julia Roberts, but perhaps it was all the better for that. It certainly didn’t seem to bother Alberstat, who got in some early doors networking practice ahead of his move to LA and the William Morris Agency. He was also spotted schmoozing former X-Files star Gillian Anderson on the dancefloor. Way to go Phil, as Tulkinghorn believes the Americans say.