Taylor Joynson gives up Romanian practice

Taylor Joynson Garrett is shutting down its eight-lawyer office in Bucharest, Romania, which was established in 1993.

Bucharest managing partner Simon Dawes is moving back to London, where he will work as a partner in the firm's projects department.
Taylor Joynson managing partner Declan Tarpey denied that the firm was closing the office because it was not making enough money. He said the main reason behind the Bucharest shutdown was Simon Dawes' relocation.
“Simon Dawes did a good job in Bucharest, but he's needed in London. The decision to close the office comes down to a better allocation of resources,” said Tarpey.
The seven other lawyers in the Bucharest office, all of whom are Romanian-qualified, will not remain as permanent employees of the firm.
“All our Romanian lawyers have been given enhanced severance pay,” said Tarpey. “However, we hope to continue working with them and need to work out how they will be best deployed.”
Bucharest senior assistant Adrian Bulboaca said that he and his colleagues intend to create a firm that will work in close alliance with Taylor Joynson after the shutdown.
“We're dealing with ongoing matters and hope to set up an independent firm that is closely allied with Taylor Joynson Garrett in a CMS [Cameron McKenna's alliance]-style arrangement,” said Bulboaca. “I'd like to head up the new practice from the building we work in at the moment.”
Tarpey says that he will work with the seven Romanian lawyers on a project-by-project basis, similar to the model Taylor Joynson uses in other jurisdictions.
He said: “We'll continue to act for our Romanian clients using our Romanian lawyers. We'll adopt a model we use in other jurisdictions, such as Egypt and South Africa, where we organise the projects in London and refer work out to local counsel.”