Going for gold

Tulkinghorn is amazed at the effect that a little sun has on the sporting endeavours of this country. As soon as there is a sniff of sunshine, lumpen grey forms start staggering round the local park. And it seems the same bug affects lawyers. First, we have Mark Sarnowski, a solicitor at Charles Lucas & Marshall, who is entering the Polish Olympic Games in Gdansk at the end of the month. He is down for the sea fishing event, and hopefully the 5,000m, volleyball, pistol shooting and table tennis events.
We also have Ann Danson of Addleshaw Booth & Co, who has limited herself to just the one event, namely the long jump. She hopes to qualify to respresent England in the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games and is literally inching towards that goal.
She recently gained an AAA outdoor title by jumping 6.15m. To qualify for the Commonwealth Games she has to get to 6.4m, so as we speak Addleshaws has her tied to the rack in its basement in an attempt to stretch her legs.