Bogus beggars

Stop press: Tulkinghorn is astonished to hear that a couple of solicitors have received emails appearing to come from a member of the Legal Services Development Division within the Lord Chancellor's Department asking for money. It appears that the requests, under Extraordinary Practice Direction 218, for £47 or the euro equivalent, are not an attempt to boost Labour Party funds, or indeed to pay for the Derry's bathroom to be repapered, but are in fact attempts to boost a building society account belonging to a Mr Bantock.
Tulkinghorn would like to take this opportunity to warn every top-10 City firm that, pursuant to the Extremely Serious and Urgent Direction Number 1486276, it is necessary to put 10 per cent of one's annual income into a brown paper envelope and leave it on the front desk of The Lawyer addressed to Tulkinghorn, who has generously volunteered to help the Government in this venture. No consecutive numbers or identifying marks please.