…as estate planning partner quits

Beiten Burkhardt Mittl & Wegener has lost its estate planning capability with the departure of Klaus Wigand, who is leaving to set up his own firm.

Wigand, who is based in Munich, is currently working alone, but he plans to employ two more lawyers before the end of the year.
Bridges Kanzlei Wigand, as the firm is named, will service mostly middle-sized entrepreneurs with tax inheritance interests in Germany.
Wigand made the decision because he believes that estate planning does not have a future in big international firms. He said: “International law firms are focused on transaction and capital markets. My business is much smaller, and personal contact is very important.
“Estate planning is falling out of big firms and it now needs to be serviced by small and middle-sized law firms.”
To date, Flick Gocke Schaumburg, which is based in Bonn, is the only high-profile estate planning law firm in the country.
Bridges Kanzlei Wigand opened on 1 July.