CPS lawyers lament Falconer's departure

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyers have reacted with disappointment to Solicitor General Lord Falconer's departure from the Attorney General's Department to take up a more senior post.

The ebullient former barrister and close friend of the Blairs was one of the winners in last week's reshuffle when he was promoted to become Jack Cunningham's deputy at the Cabinet Office.

He has been replaced by another commercial barrister, Ross Cranston, a former professor at the London School of Economics.

Although he was Solicitor General for only 15 months, Lord Falconer quickly developed a rapport with the disgruntled lawyers at the CPS.

Kevin Goodwin, convener of the CPS section of the Association of First Division civil Servants (FDA), said Falconer had become very popular because of his willingness to listen to lawyers' concerns.

“He came to the FDA's annual general meeting and spent an hour answering our questions,” said Goodwin.

“As far as the FDA is concerned we wish him well, but his leaving is a sad loss.”

Another legal winner in the reshuffle was Geoff Hoon who was promoted from parliamentary secretary at the Lord Chancellor's Department to a minister of state to reflect the importance of his work.