The press gang

Contrary to popular belief, Finers Stephens Innocent’s Mark Stephens is not quite such a media darling as public perception would have it. As name partner and head of media, Stephens has clearly been neglecting his media charm offensive as he is ranked only tenth in the celebrity solicitor charts, undoubtedly due to pressure of work in his burgeoning property practice – he is currently embroiled in a row with the London Development Agency on behalf of the 120 East London businesses that need to strike deals to relocate or face compulsory purchase orders ahead of the 2012 Olympics. A sign of how his head has been turned by the property world is that his ranking is just one ahead of Freshfields senior partner Anthony Salz. Salz might be revered as a lawyer, but he has never been much of a media luvvie and it is a surprise to find him as the most cited partner from any of the leading City firms. His 22 press mentions (largely the result of his impending retirement) puts him joint eleventh with Amelans partner Andrew Twambley, star of the reality TV show about personal injury lawyers.

This startling evidence is the result of comprehensive research of the national and regional press by Sweet & Maxwell. The research reveals the UK’s biggest media tart as Lord Falconer, who received almost three times as many namechecks as the next most cited lawyer in the press, Lord Hutton. That might have something to do with a few controversial decisions our Lord Chancellor has made, rather than an active desire to have his name up in lights.

Inevitably, given the controversy surrounding the war on terror, human rights lawyers dominate.

Tulkinghorn is hoping that the City’s finest start developing some opinions of their own over the next year – what the public really needs (and secretly desires) is a heated and protracted debate over the regulation of mezzanine debt.

Most frequently cited solicitors in UK newspapers No of articles
1 Gareth Peirce 176
2 Louise Christian 158
3 Phil Shiner 103
4 Janet Paraskeva (Law Society chief executive) 89
5 Edward Nally (former Law Society president) 84
Most frequently cited barristers in UK newspapers
1 Cherie Booth QC 594
2 David Pannick QC 129
3 Michael Mansfield QC 126
4 Rabinder Singh QC 81
5 Keith Rowley QC 6
Most frequently cited members of the judiciary in UK newspapers
1 Lord Falconer (Lord Chancellor) 1,839
2 Lord Hutton 689
3 Lord Woolf (outgoing Lord Chief Justice) 653
4 Justice Eady 321
5 Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss (ex-president of the Family Division of the High Court) 239