Star chambers

Hollywood invaded Lincoln’s Inn Fields last week to shoot the film of the book The Da Vinci Code. The few barristers who had not retreated to their Mediterr-anean villas for an extended summer vacation were treated to hordes of glamor-ous actors swanning around in evening wear. Tulkinghorn for one nearly fainted in the summer heat when one particularly pretty thing floated by.

Leading man Tom Hanks (left) was also spied parking his Bentley on Essex Street. Sorry, Hanks’s chauffeur was spotted parking Hanks’s car on Essex Street. However, Tulkinghorn’s spy was not convinced that Hanks was going in the direction of the film set. But which set was he entering? Was it Brick Court, Keating or one of the other, less imaginatively-named Essex Street chambers that is to benefit from Hollywood’s largesse?