Practices to host Chinese secondees

CHINESE lawyer Li Jun has been seconded to Leeds firm Eversheds Hepworth & Chadwick as part of a Law Society training scheme.

The new recruit, currently employed as chief of the economic affairs department of the State Law Firm for Cuangxi Province, will join the firm for a three-month placement.

Eversheds is one of only two firms outside London to provide a place on the programme. Fellow Leeds firm Booth & Co will also participate.

Eversheds partner John Finnigan says the firm is looking forward to providing Jun with “hands-on” experience of the English legal system.

“China is an enormous market for Western suppliers and the Chinese communist law system is increasingly being modified to accommodate trade with the West,” says Finnigan.

“It is now recognised by the governing bodies of the legal systems that the exposure of young and talented Chinese lawyers to our system will be helpful.”