When the infamous magic circle is mentioned, Sara Robinson is a name usually missed. This is a mistake, because she has handled some of the more public divorces of the past decade.

Robinson is a lawyer who bucks trends. While her fellow SFLA members are moving away from large firms, she has made a success of becoming part of one.

Originally operating on her own as a niche family practitioner, she found isolation was not to her taste. “Ironically, because of the success of the family work, I realised that I needed a better support system and more of an infrastructure, particularly in terms of the sort of advice that family clients invariably need; perhaps company commercial work or basic tax advice,” she says.

In 1990, she moved with a solicitor and personal assistant to high-profile media firm The Simkins Partnership. The 20-partner firm specialises in offering a complete service to its rich clients from a base in West London. While it is expanding the commercial side (it has an interest in shipping work and company commercial) it is best known for its services to rock stars, actors and other stage and screen personalities.

Robinson says she has managed to keep control of her part of the practice.

“Because we operate as a separate department with our own budget, I don't feel that I've lost the creativity to make policy decisions on behalf of the department to secure its growth,” she says.