SCL builds site for cash-strapped SPBG

THE SOCIETY for Computers and Law (SCL) has come to the aid of the Solicitors' Pro Bono Group (SPBG) by building it a web site .

The site, launched at the SPBG's first anniversary celebrations last month, would have cost the SPBG around #10,000 to set up and maintain.

The SCL came to the SPBG's aid after one of its members, IT consultant John Irving, struck up a conversation with SPBG director Peta Sweet during The Lawyer/ HIFAL awards.

When she mentioned that the group, which has an annual budget of #100,000, was trying to raise funds to set up a web site, Irving offered the SCL's help.

"We have attached the SPBG site on to our own site as an extension," said Irving.

"It was an excellent opportunity for the SCL to provide some help and support for the solicitors' profession."

The site was designed by the same man who designed the SCL's existing site, Steve Vincent of Go Interactive.

It contains two sections, one for members of the public, which explains its role and aims, and one exclusively for members of the group, who need a password to gain access to it.

The members' section contains a pro bono discussion area, the SPBG newsletters, and guidance on such issues as indemnity insurance.

Sweet was delighted with the site, saying. "It makes our organisation more accessible to people considering that it is only a very small organisation."

The new site can be found at