Joint Anglo-German legal initiative launches on web

TWO WEB sites have been launched as part of a joint Anglo-German initiative to increase UK lawyers' access to information on German law.

The sites were officially launched on 4 November by German ambassador Gebhardt von Moltke at Gray's Inn.

One of the sites is an archive of German law in English while the other provides links to information on German law and institutions.

The archive (http://units. – is being sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service and has been put together by a team of German lawyers led by Dr Gerhard Dannemann, a lecturer at the Institute of European and Comparative Law at Oxford University.

The second web site (, which is sponsored by the British German Jurists Association (BGJA), has been compiled by Nigel Foster, a senior lecturer at Cardiff Law School.

BGJA chair John Rhodes said Cardiff and Oxford had originally been working on a similar project without realising it but the BGJA had brought them together.

He said the project would help English lawyers, students and judges dealing with German law, as well as German lawyers working in the UK.