Cast your mind back to the mid-1980s and the delights of The Russ Abbott Show. The show’s most famous character, C U Jimmy, finished third in a Glasgow Herald poll to find ‘The Most Scottish Person In The World’. (First place was Jimmy Krankie, oddly.)

It is understood that Shearman & Sterling‘s London managing partner Kenneth MacRitchie did not feature in the poll, but he is regularly voted The Most Scottish Person At The Lawyer Awards, where he has been known to show off his legs beneath a natty kilt.

Arguably the highlight of Abbott’s career was the 1984 hit Atmosphere. But Abbott does not agree and this is where his MacRitchie-esque legal skills first started to appear. Years after the hit, Abbot bought the performing rights to Atmosphere and to this day he refuses to allow it to be played on radio as he considers it to be a dire representation of his talents.

A much better representation of his talents can be seen at The Mayflower in Southampton from 7 December where Abbott (or is it MacRitchie?) can be seen playing the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, his MacRitchie-esque legs will not be on display.