Irwin Mitchell was quick to launch new initiatives with the Automobile Association (AA) and RAC last week, just days after the Legal Services Bill received Royal Assent.

The national firm is aligning itself with leading high street brands that are seeking to break into the legal sector when the Legal Services Act takes effect.

Head of insurance Joe Simpson said: “It’s our stated aim to become the leading supplier of commoditised legal services. We want to develop Irwin Mitchell’s relationship with the consumer and broaden distribution channels.” The AA launched Home Buyer Advice last week, a service aimed at giving free legal advice to its client base. Irwin Mitchell will advise on will writing and Hammonds Direct will provide conveyancing advice.

Irwin Mitchell will also be providing a will writing service for the AA’s arch-rival RAC. The RAC said that “all options were on the table” following the passing of the act and it would be “significantly” broadening its business relationship with Irwin Mitchell.

While the Legal Services Act makes provisions for businesses to take a stake in law firms, these relationships are operating on a referral basis.