Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) has joined the ranks of firms posting double digit growth for this half year, raising turnover almost 19 per cent to £39.3m.

The increase in revenue puts the firm on track to hit its target of £75m for the year. The target was set three years ago and the firm is likely to put in place new targets for the next three years at a partnership meeting later this year.

The figures only take into account UK revenue, but in the last six months FFW has launched its own European offices. The firm has launched in France, Germany and Belgium boosting its partnership in the process.

FFW ended last year on 88 partners, and in the last half year the firm has grown to 117 partners. Many came as lateral hires from former European Legal Alliance firms such as Buse Herberer Fromm and Dubarry Le Douarin Veil. Meanwhile the firm’s London office has grown by four laterals in that time.