The pages of The Lawyer may be awash with partner moves, but the one that had tongues wagging the most last week – at Tulkinghorn Towers at least – was that of Allen & Overy‘s (A&O) global head of communications, David Crundwell.

The global supremo director of pretty much all information coming in and out of the magic circle firm was at once rottweiler and facilitator, making journalists despair and beam in equal measure.

The accompanying press release to his prompt exit included four lines’ worth of quotations from managing partner David Morley – far more than your typical partner receives.

More about the man can be seen at www.david, where you can find out all about Crundwell’s “toolbox of collateral”.

According to Morley, Crundwell made A&O”modernise our thinking around stakeholder relations”. If anyone can decipher what that means, perhaps they would be so kind as to let Tulkinghorn know.

He also “helped professionalise all aspects of the [PR] function”. Just how much could be witnessed by the aforementioned press release, which quoted Crundwell’s parting salvo: “‘I wish Richard Grove, and the everyone at Allen & Overy well for the future’, said, David Crundwell [sic].”