Stranger than fiction

Well, here's a turn-up for the books. Tulkinghorn received a missive this week from HartBrown solicitors (“the largest firm based solely in Surrey”, according to its website) about how its lawyers had been travelling the country handing out presents to unsuspecting folk.
Tulkinghorn was a little concerned at such unlawyerlike behaviour and feared that the next move on behalf of the firm might be to waive fees because “hey, it's just nice to be able to help people in trouble”, or perhaps telling matrimonial clients that their wife/husband is God's gift and why don't you just get together and love one another.
But then he read further and found out that the firm has been instructed by a Canadian client to track down sweepstake winners. Among the prizes doled out by solicitor James Thorne was a 60″ colour television and a £12,000 cash prize. Fortunately for the future reputation of the legal profession, Thorne confirmed that he is “not usually in the habit of giving money away”.