Parthus in-houser returns to LK Shields

Gerard Halpenny, who joined LK Shields in 1998, made the decision to go in-house at Parthus in 1999. Prior to that, he was a partner at Dublin firm William Fry for nine years. He oversaw Parthus through its initial public offering, but decided the time was ripe to rejoin private practice.
Parthus designs the microchips used in mobile and internet applications, including Bluetooth radio and navigation systems. Its most important clients include Texas Instruments and Hitachi.
Halpenny said: “There's very definitely a slowdown. To be honest, I can't think of many semiconductor companies who haven't come out with profit warnings.”
Halpenny joined Parthus on an indefinite secondment after he had been at LK Shields for just a year.
To bolster Parthus's legal staff, Halpenny has recruited Tony McQuinn from an in-house position at technology company Agilent. LK Shields will remain as the company's solicitors, with Halpenny doing its corporate work.