Butting in

During a telephone discussion on the legal issues of the day with a certain Liam McNeive of McNeive Solicitors, Tulkinghorn was perturbed to hear said gentleman suddenly shout: “Stop headbutting me,” before saying: “Sorry, that's one of mine.” Now, McNeive has his own e-commerce firm, which led Tulkinghorn to believe that the poor man was being attacked by his own solicitors.
After Tulkinghorn gently enquired how things were at work, McNeive said he wouldn't know, as he had the day off. He was strolling through London's South Bank with his children who were on half-term holiday. And the offending headbutter? None other than his eldest, obviously frustrated by the lack of attention from Dad. In those circumstances, Tulkinghorn recommends giving the child what it wants, ie a couple of quid to go and buy an ice-cream.