Bearing up

Sometimes life in a law firm is tough and lawyers have to grab what comfort they can. It seems things have got so bad at Bevan Ashford that people are forced back to childhood comforts in the form of teddy bears. Deal going pear-shaped? Tell Ted, he'll listen. Partner giving you a hard time? Set Bear on him and that'll show him.
Although it appears that Tulkinghorn has got it wrong and Bevan Ashford was actually holding a charity event in aid of the Royal United Hospital in Bath. Pictured above is the Teddy Bear Beauty Parade, in which there was four categories: bear most like its owner; most battered bear; best looking bear; and best dressed bear. Despite its T-shirt, marketing manager John Hutson's bear did not win the 'best bear at cosying up to management' award.
Ironically, given that the event was in aid of a hospital, the guest celebrity supporting the event was EastEnders' Grant Mitchell (aka Ross Kemp), whose teddy is called Tiffany. Here's hoping that Grant doesn't put that Tiffany in hospital too.