That petrol emotion

That petrol emotion
Tulkinghorn prefers a pleasant drive in the country (chauffeured of course) to tearing round a race track in something better equipped for space travel than road travel.

But he understands that not all lawyers think the same, and especially not James Elliot, associate general counsel at PartyGaming. One of Tulkinghorn’s news-grabbers managed to catch Elliot on a Friday as he was leaving the office for a get-together of TVR owners in Spain.

Apparently the group hired out a racetrack and then did what boys do with their toys. Race them for the whole weekend and then trudge back to the office on Monday.

The scribe caught up later with Elliot, who was in high spirits

after the white-knuckle weekend. He was happy because, although he might not have been the fastest, at least he managed to keep his car from skidding off the track. That’s a cautious lawyer for you.

Given that most Formula 1 drivers seem to have trouble keeping their cars on the grey bit, Tulkinghorn sees no reason why Elliot should not replace Lewis Hamilton at McLaren next season.