Big news in little Watson Burton

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As reported on The (1 May), Newcastle-based Watson Burton has taken over Surrey-based Trevor Robinson & Co.

For any other firm a merger with a two-partner Weybridge IT boutique is a long way from headline news. But for Watson Burton the development is a lot more significant, relating directly to the biggest story about the firm since… well… ever.

Cast your mind back to September 2007 and our front page scoop concerning a management coup ousting senior partner Andrew Hoyle. The reason? Anxiety at Hoyle-led expansion, including new offices in Leeds and London.

Since then the City office, set to burgeon under Hoyle’s plan, remains ungrown, with Leeds or London partners doubtless wondering what the future holds.

The Trevor Robinson merger is a sign that, for now at least, the partners have been persuaded not to pull the plug on London.Get the latest news and an irreverent commentary delivered to your desktop every day by subscribing to Lawyer News Daily.

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