Bantam of the opera

Bantam of the opera
Lawyers are generally an amiable bunch, but Tulkinghorn has learnt that you anger them at your peril. Opera singer Erwin Schrott is busy learning this essential lesson after backing out of the Rosenblatt Recital Series run by gentlemanly deal-maker and lawyer Ian Rosenblatt.

Schrott was scheduled to appear at Cadogan Hall on 11 June but has pulled out, apparently for the second time in the history of the recital series. Rosenblatt is suing the opera superstar for breach of contract, and it does not look like Schrott will be booked again.

Rosenblatt released a discreet public statement: “I am disgusted by Mr Schrott’s callous disregard to his contractual obligations. His behaviour is cowardly and I can only wonder if he has the guts to appear on a London concert platform as this is the second time he’s backed out of appearing here.”

An eager scribe phoned Rosenblatt to see what was going on. “It’s not lighthearted. It’s serious,” said Rosenblatt grimly.

Tulkinghorn is more than a little worried for Schrott.