Imaging system helps in fight against fraud

The company which invented a fraud-busting computer system that analyses computer software and hardware is now marketing it to the commercial sector.

The DIBS disk imaging system was designed by Computer Forensic Investigations (CFI) five years ago at the suggestion of New Scotland Yard. It has been used by fraud investigators and prosecuting lawyers throughout the world in hundreds of police investigations.

The system copies hard disks and floppy disks which are suspected of being used in fraud in such a way that the information can be used as evidence in court.

CFI also claims that DIBS can copy data without tampering with either the hardware or the software.

CFI director Timothy Allen said one of the problems with computer cases was that evidence could be tampered with due to the ignorance of those handling it.

The company believes the system could be useful for large companies which want to investigate alleged internal fraud without calling in the police.