Test Cricketer’s Twitter test case

Some might be surprised that it took this long, but the High Court is finally about to hear its first Twitter libel trial (see story).

Not that Twitter’s first six years in operation have been short of legal scandal. Ryan Giggs found that his ’super injunction’ wasn’t worth toffee when Twitter user @injunctionsuper revealed him to be the footballer trying to hush up his affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.

Paul Chambers also found to his cost that Twitter is not beyond the reach of the long arm of the law when he was arrested on terrorism charges after humorously tweeting that if Robin Hood airport didn’t reopen by the time his holiday came around he’d blow the place ’sky-high!!’.

The Twitter libel case is being brought by former New Zealand Test cricket captain Chris Cairns, who is suing the former chairman of the Indian Premiere League in the High Court for tweeting that Cairns was involved in match fixing.

It’s up to the court now to decide whether Cairns was a victim of a 140 character assassination, or whether he merely had tweet of clay.