Gimme rope Joanna

Word reaches Tulkinghorn that some musical beat combo known as Coldplay was planning to shoot a pop video on top of Pinsents’ building, with – of course – the firm’s blessing.

Bad day for Pinsents’ post boy
Bad day for Pinsents’ post boy

Sadly Chris Martin & Co had to abandon plans when they realised they wouldn’t be able to get a piano on the roof (apparently they did consider using a helicopter, but decided against it). Perhaps they should have used Parachutes?

But of course, as previously reported, the firm did manage to snare a starring role in Spooks. What you might not know is that the British TV spy series not only featured Pinsents’ building, but also provided a role for head of litigation Nigel Kissack’s son Rick, who popped up in the final series as one ’Tom Defoe’.

Tulkinghorn sincerely hopes that post-merger with McGrigors, Pinsents manages to maintain this stratospheric level of celebrity.

Bright lights, big city

Tulkinghorn is lucky to work in the ultra-cool locale of Fitzrovia – it’s the new Soho, you know. Just round the corner from the office can be found the Sanderson Hotel, a 1970s office block turned trendy. Too trendy, it turned out, for one Channel Islands lawyer who stayed there recently.

Our hapless advocate, struggling to work the complicated light switches in his room, eventually gave up and spent the night bathed in brightness. Life, evidently, is simpler offshore.

Mill milked by Silk ilk

Is the former head of Blackstone, Ian Mill QC, about to defect to a rival set? This picture reveals evidence that the bar luvvie has been talking with the Dickensian-style clerk that is Billy Lamb, the character who caused much consternation last year for his portrayal of the bar in the BBC drama Silk.

A more likely explanation is that the programme’s two senior barristers, Martha Costello (Maxine Peake) and Clive Reader (Rupert Henry-Jones), have been looking for some tips from chambers. Blackstone’s Mill and Jane Mulcahy were only too happy to help.

Café cultured

Rarely can K&L Gates have promoted anyone as appropriately named as Heidi Eckel Alessi. According to the press blurb, the employee benefits specialist, who just made partner in the firm’s Seattle office, advises on “cafeteria plans”.

Apparently this is a term of art in the benefits world and nothing whatsoever to do with flashy coffee makers or stuffing your face. Honest.