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The reason to turn yourself from a busy expert into a recognised thought-leader

If you are a “fee earner” working in Professional services it is likely that you are an expert in whichever field you specialise in. Your clients pay you a fee for that expertise. It is also likely that you are very busy. But what would it mean if you could turn yourself from being just another “busy expert” like so many of your peers into a “Recognised Thought-Leader?”


Olympic boroughs to share legal panel

Legal teams at the East London boroughs of Hackney and Greenwich are in talks with those at Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest councils to join their shared legal panel arrangement. The negotiations could see all five boroughs that are hosting the 2012 Olympic Games using the same first-choice legal advisers. The deal would provide […]

Background knowledge is vital for Saudi success

Saudi Arabia is developing at an astonishing rate. In a country with an unusually young population (60 per cent are under the age of 21) there is a pressing need for the increased production of electricity, drinking water, industrial processing facilities, new roads and railways, wider telecommunication coverage and new housing and schools. Thanks to […]

Racine absorbs boutique in corporate push

French litigation firm Racine has swallowed up M&A boutique Boisséson & Associés, boosting the firm’s transactional capability. Six lawyers join Racine in the move, including the two lead partners Gilles de Boisséson and Jean-Yves Martin. Racine is developing its corporate practice following a strategy review. De Boisséson’s practice focuses on IP, M&A and private equity […]

Web week

The Lawyer‘s Web Week is a weekly commentary on legal activity on the web. This includes an overview of the best of the week’s blogs. If you want to direct us to useful links, email Wisdom briefThere’s nothing like overhearing students’ conversations to make one feel old. Which is what the current crop of […]

Microsoft’s $1.5bn MP3 infringement fine the biggest in history

Microsoft has been hit by the largest patent fine in history after a San Diego jury ruled that Windows Media Player infringed Alcatel-Lucent’s patents. Microsoft was ordered to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.52bn (£770m) for using MP3 technology without a licence, almost triple the $612m (£311.78m) that BlackBerry maker RIM paid to NTP in March 2007. The […]

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