Rebecca Newson studied law and European legal studies at Durham before going on to do her Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law at York. Given her time again she would not choose to go the Common Professional Examination (CPE) route.

"I chose my degree because it was something that I was interested in. I didn't do law specifically with thoughts of going into the legal profession," says Newson. "I think there's a difference between doing the CPE and a law degree. I think the CPE puts you at a slight disadvantage because although you'll have gone through things more recently than the law graduates, you'll have a narrow breadth of subject."

Newson believes that the style of teaching is much more exam-based and consolidated on the CPE.

When she came to do the LPC, Newson found it a very broad-based course that was trying to cater for those going into two to three-partner firms and for those joining the City giants. Newson says: "Because it was trying to cover such a broad spectrum, we ended up missing out on some of the detail. For example, corporate finance was rushed through and there was a lot of information that we skimmed through."