A legend in the faking

There are so many stereotypes for lawyers that most have lost any humour they might originally have held. However, one that still rings true is that Freshfields partners are frightfully posh.

But Tulkinghorn is pleased to be able to finally (and exclusively) bring the curtains down on this last great myth. It seems this poshness is simply a huge façade orchestrated from deep within the practice. The cover-up was discovered by a corporate partner at a rival magic circle firm. He was up against two Freshfields partners on a deal. All started as normal – polite pleasantries, the odd guffaw, followed by an abrupt snort and a rousing chorus of "Rah-rah-rah, we're going to smash the oiks" – but as the deal went on and on into the night, the upper-class accents started to slip.

First the Ps and Qs started to fall by the wayside, then they swallowed their plums, and by 4am it was more a case of "awright guvnor, 'ow's ya father", than "I can trace my family back to Agincourt, don't you know". Freshfields, you have been exposed.