Eat our words

Tulkinghorn is famed throughout the legal land for his hard- headed approach to life and the law. But even he was moved (to the bar, actually) after a quick squizz at the pics that accompanied the following message:
“Dear Tulkinghorn,
I though you might enjoy some photos of my young daughter Lucy (aged seven months) devouring The Lawyer while she waited for her bath to fill. Coming from a set of parents who are both lawyers, it seems appropriate (albeit accidental) for her first newspaper to be The Lawyer. The toughness of the paper and quality of the ink meant the paper survived another day for her parents to read and I didn’t have to wash off black print from Lucy in the ensuing bath.

Regards, Joanna (Gardner/aka Mrs Richard Everett).”

Thank you, Joanna, delighted to see that the priorities are right in the Everett household.

Landed gentry
Dramatic and terrifying news reached Tulkinghorn recently. It appears that the managing partner of Deacons in Hong Kong only narrowly escaped meeting his maker in an air crash.

Lindsay Esler was flying from Chicago to Hong Kong. He was about an hour out of the US when an engine apparently exploded. Luckily the manufacturers had the foresight to give the crate more than one prop (or whatever it is they use these days) and the kite limped back home (apologies for the Battle of Britain lingo, but Tulkinghorn has been coming over all Biggles ever since attending the Southend Airshow at the weekend. Chocks away!).