Tulkinghorn: Spice up your logo

Russell Jones & Walker may have missed out on the prizes at this year’s The Lawyer Awards, but in some rather high-flying quarters the firm has got the seal of approval.

Witness the photo of Victoria Beckham above doing her bit to raise the national firm’s profile, wearing a dress plastered with what looks like its logo.
As one RJW insider put it, “It looks as if the RJW ’swift’ has become a popular style icon.’ Tulkinghorn always knew the firm was posher than it seemed.

Making a drama out of a mid-life crisis

Astronomical profits aren’t the only astonishing thing about LG, Tulkinghorn is pleased to reveal. While the firm stunned the market last month with its 63 per cent rise in PEP, managing partner Hugh Maule is getting ready to stun his friends and family by successfully cycling from Land’s End to John o’ Groats over the course of two hot and sweaty weeks.

And while Maule is, naturally, indulging in this insanity for charity, he also told one of Tulkinghorn’s spies that it is in fact his

“My wife thinks it’s a mid-life crisis,” Maule admitted. “It probably is.”

Still, Maule has form with respect to two-wheeled lunacy. While at university the Scot and a couple of his mates spent five days cycling from Edinburgh to Cambridge. In kilts.

This summer’s slightly more organised event is part of LG’s attempt to beat the £120,000 it raised for charity last year. This year’s beneficiary is Fairbridge. Readers who wish to donate can do so via Justgiving.com.

For a few ­dollars mow

Last month’s The Lawyer Awards were, as ever, the source of much mirth for Tulkinghorn. This year’s recipient of the hysterically unorthodox accompanying photo award (remember last year’s winner, Taylor Wessing, and its rogue nipple?) was family law boutique Ayesha Vardag.

When the prenup trailblazer was unveiled as one of the nominations for Niche Firm of the Year, a pic of the entire team in glammy evening dress, featuring several lawyers draped across sofas and floors, took pride of place above the stage. At which point host Michael McIntyre summed up the scene for the benefit of the audience.

“My God, it’s the Yugoslav royal family.”

McIntyre was on typically sparkling form throughout, and while he failed to find a victim quite as abject as last year’s late arrival Paul Maher of Greenberg Traurig Maher – you really had to be there to get the full impact of Maher’s “I really wish I was invisible” plod to his stage-side seat beneath the gaze of the host – he found great sport with the unfeasibly rich tan of Macfarlanes’ senior partner, Charles Martin.

“You got that from mowing your lawn?” asked McIntyre, incredulously. “Lawyers are clearly so rich it must take them two weeks to mow their lawns.”
The day after the award Martin underlined what a good sport he really is with the following email: “Thank you very much for last night. Interesting company and a very polished event.  Sorry I can’t expand further but I need to get on with mowing the lawn.”

Don’t you ken who I am?

Has the fact that Brodies looks to have supplanted Shepherd & Wedderburn as one of Scotland’s Big Four firms gone to managing partner Bill
‘Not The One From KLF’ Drummond’s head?

”Bill doesn’t take calls,” a Brodies’ switchboard operator told one of Tulkinghorn’s spies last week.

How grand.